Why We Need To Know Why

The reason why the world needs understanding

Everybody gets lost in the world and even in the innermost feeling, if not in the outer world, at the level of mind and consciousness.

Knowledge with the roots of experience.

The reason why the world needs understanding of humanity's cultural background is because it can mitigate, to an extent, the damage to people by newcomers when we have failed to integrate them with us.

The reason why the world needs understanding is because for most people who live in this society, it's not easy to understand. So for them, there is a gap that is unacceptable.

The reason why the world needs understanding is that it has become almost stupid because of centuries of knowledge it has accumulated. Knowledge is most useful when it has a basis of deeper understanding, which should be brought to light. The easier it is to grasp something, the more powerful it is. The younger you are, the more you understand this. The more you understand the more you can grasp. It takes at least a few hundred years to learn enough to be intelligent. The more understanding one has, the more intelligent one becomes. And that's the way it should be. What your mother and father put you through in your childhood is like water flowing over a rough rock.

The reason why the world needs understanding is because the imagination seems to "lose" its power as we grow older. It's as if our sense of wonder is at its end, when all that exists, is just the formless, gray matter that fills the sky. Some doubt that this kind of thing will continue to happen, but nonetheless it seems possible. As you get older, your knowledge becomes "dumbed down," as well. You want to have a certain structure in the world because you've grown up with one in your minds. At the same time, you lose touch with everything that causes the world to be beautiful.

When you're young, what appears to be different is your mind.

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