Why is free speech important?

Why free speech is good for humans? - The benefits of free speech and how it benefits humanity. We argue that free speech is good for all forms of life in the universe, including animals.

The advantages of free speech for humans are many, and they are universal to all primates, including us.

First, it gives us more power. Humans are, at their best, the most tolerant, complex, flexible, and innovative creatures to have ever lived on this planet. If we want to win, our communities are going to need to be as tolerant as possible. It means investing in listening and accepting others and respecting difference. It means creating spaces for collective conversations and think-tanks on the most sensitive issues and in the most politically interesting places.

Second, it allows us to see things as they are – much more accurately.

They're all different, and it's a case by case basis. Let's say you've got the right to live the way you want to live, whether you're going to wear pants or skirts.

And we've got to be able to say, "Oh, that's OK."

We're not going to ban it.

If someone's offended by it, that's fine.

For some of our fellow citizens, this is a question of how do we interpret the Constitution and how do we respect the freedom of speech of the people who came before us.

For some, it's an issue of diversity. How do we provide opportunities to a variety of views?

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