What can't AI do?

What can't AI do?

I like the wording. But what this really means is that nothing can automate functionality that the human brain already does best. It has to be smart enough to sort through data, infer patterns, and design systems around that data. For example, the neural networks that play Go do a far better job of guessing their opponent's moves than the brain could.

But I don't want a smart system that learns to predict my move next. I want a smart system that learns to guess what I want next, based on the past, and then attempts to predict my move to match. That doesn't sound all that different from what a human brain can do.

AI can't be perfect. Some forms of AI are better than humans at doing certain tasks, while others are merely better than humans at doing the task. For example, a machine learning algorithm may be better than a human at handling price signals and manipulating other people's buying behavior, while humans are superior at controlling poker player behavior.

AI has a number of things that it cannot do. For example, when we say "AI doesn't know how to throw a baseball", that's not quite true. This is not that AI can't throw a baseball. It's just that it's not as simple as "AI can't throw a baseball".

We're not here to show you what an AI baseball pitcher could look like, nor are we about to teach it how to throw a baseball. AI can't understand the same physical concepts as humans and can't simulate everything we do on a baseball field.

There are many limitations to artificial intelligence. The main one is its human-like cognitive capabilities, such as learning from experience, understanding causal relations, and making decisions and decisions on the basis of logic. This is in contrast with computer programs that can do many tasks that humans cannot, and who have no limitations, no limitations even, on how complicated they can become. This is called superintelligence, and there is a strong debate whether it will be able to exploit humans or not, which will probably turn out to be important for humanity.

Another limitation of AI is that it does not always solve the problem. It does not understand causality or uncertainty. It does not distinguish between need and want or between ultimate and incidental goals.

AI will undoubtedly bring about progress in some aspects of life.

AI may generate new ideas and it might even change our lifestyles.

AI may give people the ability to focus on the results and not just the means.

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