Things money can't buy

Things money can't buy.

Endless time.

Things money can't buy is time. You never know if the big-ticket item in your wish list is going to be part of a real necessity.

Just remember, you can always find a reasonable price on something you really need.

Spending money now is better than wasting it later. If you have a job that allows you to work from home, do it. You won't be far behind the curve in terms of technological advances, you'll save a ton of money and you'll enjoy a greater amount of time with your family.

Additionally, if you are in a position where your responsibilities and income keep you busy, there is no reason to get rid of that happy feeling of having a great job. Ask yourself the question: does having a great job satisfy me? I know it's tempting to fill the void and find something else to fill it with, but keep your mindset grounded and just enjoy the reward of working hard at what you love.

You can rent. Rent a movie, rent a concert, rent a ticket, rent a live event. Rent time. Rent your greatest art piece, the greatest film, the greatest art piece of your childhood. Do not put your money down for something that you will never see.

Time it takes to read a book on the Internet.

And all of that requires money in some way or another.

Real time it is not.

Real time is good and a thousand times more beautiful.

And that is what exactly I mean when I say, "real time" is about independence.

When it comes to real time it is about timing.

When it comes to real time, it is about being able to lead your own life.

It's about the freedom of choice.

It is about being able to go where you want and when you want.

It is about living where you want.

This is the dilemma of our finite time and the challenge of our limitless desire.

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