The Characteristics Of A Good Leader

Why the virtues of a leader that will lead the world in a better direction are important.

You must have the discipline to see that the details of a man's achievements may be obscured by his failings. I think I was closer to this in life than you may realize, but you must admit, it takes time to see that the best thing you could ever do is stand by the man who "has brought us the least trouble in all time." That's the type of man we want, that's the kind of person we want leading our country.

That would be two years ago.

The first thing you learn, as a child, is that there are so many different things to do that it can seem overwhelming. As I've got older, the last thing I thought was that it would be a struggle to "figure out" what to do with myself when I was in a position of authority. This is understandable. It's pretty amazing, actually, when you realize just how much of what you do isn't particularly fun.

All the jostling and darting is exciting. It's filled with sound and fury and pain. The exhilaration is so palpable.

We all go through our lives and we think and do things.

The defense of those values also goes to a lot of other moral failings. These are things that most leaders fail to make a judgment.

The Trade-Off

Asking the right questions and thinking through the consequences of a decision are vital parts of the process. Think about the second half of the question, "You've got to make a decision that you're going to regret."

What Does the Decision Really Mean?

What's going on in the psychology of the people you're trying to influence? Is the end result really what you expected? What are some of the consequences of that decision you didn't intend to make?

The level of influence you will have to motivate and inspire your people is what matters.

The flexibility you will have to respond to a wide variety of situations is what matters.

The tolerance for failure is what matters.

The proper mix of focus on your ability to drive and growth in order to have influence is what matters.

If you have these qualities and work hard, you will be better than anyone.

Recognize the importance of getting on board with taking action instead of waiting for things to occur.

A great leader is someone who has already learned how to successfully take action to make positive change happen in their organization.

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