Can humans live without money?

Can humans live without money?

Money is the current yardstick for human welfare.

Why is everyone so concerned with money today? Because the ability of the average human to directly exchange values of goods and services over time is limited.

Can humans live without money?

Clearly. But our society has always been based on a surplus and now that a surplus has gone into the hands of the elites, a new problem arises. If society needs your money to survive, why do you need to sell what is still available?

We humans are driven to make stuff. We need to breed to survive, so it follows that we need to make lots of stuff. However, humans live like elephants, eating just enough to live on.

Our intuitive understanding is that living without money doesn't work, but our historical interactions with financial systems have subtly created the public's preferences for the exchange of money for goods.

It is also possible for people to live without money for some time without any real issue. But imagine a group of people in a country where half the population has no access to money at all. What would happen to their living standards? Would they suffer from poverty? I think so.

Money appears so essential in our lives that we see its absence as a negative. It is also associated with consumption.

We should not continue to make the mistake of placing too much importance on money.

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