Are you a good person?

What makes someone a truly good person?

To be completely honest, I don't know. I just feel I have a sense of what it is that's good. I have a sense of what it is that's wrong. And I know that I can know it when I'm wrong. And I know that I can know it when I have the wrong amount of courage. And I know that I can know it when I don't have enough knowledge about how to make a good decision and I just get kind of into a situation where I'm blundering, I'm gonna say something I shouldn't say and I'm gonna embarrass myself and I'm gonna look stupid. I don't know.

When faced with an ethical dilemma, do you only consider your own, detached reason and your responsibility for the other person's well-being? Or do you also consider the effects of your actions on the person? In other words, do you act from love or hate?

Can you relate to these words? If you didn't have to make a decision between love or hate, which would you choose? Love is love, and hate is hate. You can't change what someone else does. But you can change what you do to others.

Sustain Your Own Humanity. We are the end result of all our actions.

Not anything that the law has to say, but just the instincts of the soul and an innate goodness and kindness that we were born with. If I were given the choice between one who was born that way or someone who was raised that way, I'd choose the good person all the time. That being said, good people aren't completely righteous either. It's completely a personal thing. And so I think in these cases that what people are most often taught is the law of strict personal responsibility, but of course that assumes that someone has made a positive choice to be good.

I'm sure you're probably already thinking that this could only apply to the bildungsroman variety of being a good person.

Here's the truth though: everything is about personality, and that includes morality. With this, I mean in terms of whether or not the things you want to do, that you think would do good for you or others, actually do good for you or others. Morality, according to one particularly distinguished thinker, is a mental attitude.

"My idea of morality is to be concerned with maintaining the stability of people, and no more."

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