10 Short Inspirational Quotes We Love

1. You must live in darkness because the dawn has so bright.

2. Too many people thinking only about their next fee or spread.

3. Be polite, be professional and be prepared to receive, but never yield.

4. There are people who believe the most important thing is not to believe in things. They are not interested in being wrong, in looking bad or being mistaken. They have built their lives on simply not being able to see a problem clearly.

5. There's really no limit to the wishes and dreams of the generation that came before you.

6. The important thing is that the passion is there, not the money.

7. You're always better off not caring what people think.

8. Don't strive for perfection, strive to exceed expectations.

9. If you want to know what is actually being done, you have to ask the people who are doing it, not the people who are talking about it.

10. It is not what you eat, but what you do with what you eat, that matters most.

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